Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinos Come Alive for Students!

Almost 100 students between 3-12 years old came face to face with life-size, moving & roaring dinosaurs. The kids were invited to visit the DINOS ALIVE exhibit at the National Science Center (runs daily until May 2011).
Upon seeing the life-size robotic Brachiosaurus and T-Rex some of the younger pre-schoolers started crying and refused to continue with the tour. Luckily after much convincing that they weren't real, they agreed to continue on :)
Can't blame them as these kids never learned about dinosaurs back in Myanmar. To them these extinct creatures were like ferocious monsters.
After overcoming their initial fears (apparently one boy peed in his pants, poor fella) they enjoyed the rest of the exhibit and spent several hours playing with the interactive experiments and displays at the main Science Hall.
The hungry kids were then treated to pizza and chicken nuggets before they went home with some amazing memories. Thanks to Total Sports Asia who sponsored the tickets and transport.

Monday, November 29, 2010

HeArt Launches New Items at Christmas Bazaars

The colorful CD card set, a great Christmas gift at only RM10
Last week we launched HeArt's latest products at the American Women's Bazaar and the Austrian-German-Swiss Christmas Bazaar. We had a very good response and many people were attracted to our vibrant colors.
T-shirts wrapped in muffin containers "baked with love" by the Kachin kids :)
Giant poster of kids with words "Baked With Love..."

Lauren and Jade manning the booth at the American Bazaar
We also had many kids supporting us by buying the wine bottle decorations as gifts for their parents. It was inspiring to see kids being so charitable at a young age. There were also several generous people who made donations or paid more than the selling price.

The AGS Christmas Bazaar
Thanks to everyone who bought from us and also to the teachers who volunteered their time to help at the booths. A big thank you also to Martina and the AGS Bazaar for giving us a table for free. In total we raised RM2000 from the 2 bazaars alone and hopefully we can raise more in the weeks to come. Do drop me a line at if you know of any other bazaars coming up where we might be able to sell our items too. Cheers!

New HeArt Items for Sale!

Last year we launched the HeArt project to raise funds for the two Kachin schools. This year we have some new items for sale which are also designed by the students. All proceeds will go towards supporting the two schools.

The schools have lost a few of their regular donors so they are in need of financial help to pay for the students' meals, rental, electricity, etc.

We hope to raise enough money through the HeArt project to sustain both schools. Please help support this and also spread the word around. Thanks a lot!

You can also find out more information and see more photos at

We are also helping to support the Kachin women refugees through sales of their products (ie. water bottle holders made from recycled plastic bags and knitted Christmas wine bottle toppers)

For orders or more information drop an email to
Children's water bottle holder - RM20 (assorted colors and sizes)

5-piece CD card set (original artwork by Kachin students), can be used as postcards or displayed in special CD case - RM10

Christmas wine bottle toppers made by Kachin women, great as gifts! RM10 per pair (hat & scarf), assorted colors
Heart lucky charm on side of sleeve

Limited Edition Goddess of Love Ladies' T-shirts. Original artwork of Venus De Milo Kachin style drawn by Kachin student - RM35, one color, Sizes S & M only (M is quite big)

Back of T-shirt

Packaging of T-shirt

Set of 3 postcards depicting the journey from Myanmar to Malaysia. Artwork by the younger refugee students - RM5 for set of 3

The Journey - Myanmar Village

The Journey - Through The Jungle

The Journey - Life in Malaysia

2011 Calendar, approx 6 x 3 inches, includes Malaysian holidays - RM5

Convenient and easy to carry around or placed on your desk


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KRC Emerge Champs at Faisal Cup 2010

The KRC (Kachin Refugee Community) schools of New Generation and Victory were sweeping up trophies at the Faisal Cup in September. The U16 Boys football team won the championship trophy, the U14 were 1st runner-up and the U10 team 2nd runner-up.

The girls were not to be outdone, in Netball they won 1st runner-up for the U16 team and the U10 and U14 teams won the championship titles!

Congratulations KRC for a fantastic performance!

New Generation Pre-schoolers Forced to Relocate

A few weeks ago the New Generation pre-school was given a week to clear out of their current school premises as the building had been sold and was going to be converted into a hotel. Volunteers had even spent time and money to paint the school walls and rooftop so it was with a heavy heart that the pre-schoolers had to move.

Thank God the teachers managed to find a new location for the school which is only a few minutes walking distance from the old place. However the monthly rental is a lot more expensive at RM1800 per month as compared to RM1400. We hope to raise more funds for the school through sales of the children's artwork during the upcoming Christmas Bazaars.

On the brighter side the children no longer have to walk past the drug addicts who used to gather at the dimly lit stairwell everyday. The place used to be littered with used needles and other drug paraphernalia, definitely not a conducive place for them to study. Hopefully the new school premises will be a lot safer for the pre-schoolers.

Football Clinic with Manchester United Legend - Bryan Robson

In August this year over a dozen students were lucky enough to be invited for an exclusive football clinic with legendary ManU player Bryan Robson. He was the longest serving captain with Manchester United and was also the Manager of Sheffield Utd.

Robson was in town to promote TM's partnership with ManU as the official telco partner. He spent over an hour in the blistering heat to run the kids through some football drills. The fun event was held at the football field of Garden International School.

It was a great experience for the children and a perfect warm up for their Faisal Cup tournament in September. Thanks to Total Sports Asia for inviting the students. It was a day they'll never forget!